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Journal Articles:

1.   "Use of black polyethylene packaging to compensate for shrinkage during the visible light-polymization of Triad materials" (Wilkie ND and Pines MS)
Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, 2002 Vol. 88(2), Pages 238–239.
2.   "Considerations in the Establishment of a Dental Database Mgmt System for Navy Dental Facilities"
Proceedings, 15th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences (1982).
3.   "An Automated Dental Recall and Information System"
Proceedings, 5th Annual Symposium on Computer Applications in Medical Care (1981).
4.   "The Anterior Point of Reference" (Wilkie ND)
Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, 1979 Vol. 41(5), Pages 488–496.

"Three points in space determine the position of the maxillary cast in an articulator.  The dentist is most frequently concerned with selecting the posterior two of the three reference points.  In addition, the dentist will, either consciously or unknowingly, select the anterior of these points of reference.  This decision will affect the development of occlusion and esthetics.  The dentist and the auxiliaries must share a common objective in using an anterior point of reference.  Five commonly used anterior points of reference and the reasons for the use of each have been discussed."
5.   "Articulators Through the Years, Part II" (Mitchell DL and Wilkie ND)
Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, 1979 Vol. 39(4), Pages 451–458.
6.   "Articulators Through the Years, Part I" (Mitchell DL and Wilkie ND)
Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, 1978 Vol. 39(3), Pages 330–338.
7.   "The Role of the Prosthodontist in Preprosthetic Surgery" (Wilkie ND)
Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, 1975 Vol. 33(4), Pages 386–397.
8.   "Radiographic Comparisons of Condyle-Fossa Relationships During Maxillomandibular Registrations Made By Different Methods" (Wilkie ND, Hurst TL, and Mitchell DL)
Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, 1974 Vol. 32(5), Pages 529–533.
9.   "The Search for the Practical" (Wilkie ND)
Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, 1974 Vol. 32(3), Pages 251–255.


"Curriculum for Naval Reserve Dental Personnel on Inactive Duty"
Chief of Naval Reserve, New Orleans, LA (1976)

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