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History of the ProsStars Newsletter

The ProsStars Newsletter was started in 1995 and was directed to those formally trained in the specialty of prosthodontics.  The intent of the newsletter was to give subscribers the opportunity to think about specialty issues, something that journals and the organization newsletters were not doing.  The newsletter focused on what made the specialty different, what were its strengths and potentials, what was the value of specialty training, and—most importantly—what was the value of the specialty to dentistry and to the public at large.

Why a Web Site?

ProsStars Newsletter changed its format from paper to electronic in 2004.  The last issue was posted on this Web site in August 2005.  Even though there will no longer be new issues, ProsStars Newsletter hopes that by posting all of the past "paper" issues published from 1995 through 2003, this Web site can still be useful to trained prosthodontists worldwide.  The ProsStars Newsletter stressed the viewpoints that set specialists in prosthodontics apart, identified the unique positions as trained specialists, and verified the patient's needs for our special skills.

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